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Lee Kwang-soo (이광수) is a male Running Man member. He is considered to be one of weakest members of the show and is known for his traitorous nature.

Membership Edit

He is one of the original cast members who started on episode 1.

Attributes Edit

Expertise Edit

Lee is widely known as "Asia Prince" or "Prince of Asia" due to his behemothic popularity in the Asian cities that the show toured in. When Running Man went to Vietnam (episode 134), the streets were crowded by Running Man fans who would constantly cheer the name "Lee Kwang-soo", many wearing a costume of his associated animal, the giraffe.

Lee is primarily known as the "Giraffe" due to his extremely tall height. While members and guest use this as a point of criticism, Lee has utilized his height in many occasions to win challenges or score points. Other permutations of this attribute include "Traitorous Giraffe".

Lee is also known as "Framer Kwang-soo". With quick wit and daring imagination, Kwang-soo can easily make up controversial gossips about co-members, therefore "framing" them. The primary target of his framing skills are Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook. In earlier episodes, Lee framed the gossip about Song being a wild party-girl and a drunkard. His efforts were validated when Kim Hee-chul revealed that Song indeed liked to drink a little soju in her dressing room before hosting Inkigayo with Kim (episode 20).

Lee is also known as someone who is favored by the God of Variety for his impeccable capacity to make hilarious scenes, sometimes at the cost of his own dignity.

Lee's female alter-ego "Kwang-ja" also shows his breadth and diversity as an actor an a comedian.

Shortcomings Edit

Lee is known for his traitorous nature. He has been dubbed as the "Icon of Betrayal," "Betrayer Kwang-soo", and "Traitorous Giraffe". Whenever Kwang-soo is given an opportunity to betray his fellow members, he will immediately take that chance. In fact, he is constantly hoping and actively seeking to be assigned the task of being a spy to betray his team. In a test of his loyalty in episode ???, Kwang-soo was given the opportunity to share victory with Ji Suk-jin; however, he chose to betray Ji but still ultimately lost as the only and true way to victory was for him to share it with another.

Lee is also widely known for his bad luck, earning the title "Icon of Bad Luck".

Due to looking like a toad in several occasions, especially in challenges associated with the Flying Chair, Lee has also been dubbed as "Kwang Toad".

Relationships Edit

Easy Brothers Edit

Perhaps Lee's most known cooperative is with Ji Suk-jin who together are known as the "Easy Brothers". The term is a portmanteau and a wordplay of their last names. Lee in Korean is also pronounced as as "ee" or "ea" and when combined with "Ji" forms "ee-ji" which is the Korean pronunciation of "easy". Most also attribute the term to the fact that they are very easy to fool and very easy to beat as the two weakest Running Man members.

Betrayal Club Edit

Lee is a member of the three-man club called "Betrayal Club". Other members include Ji Suk-jin and HaHa. The club members are known for their traitorous nature and constant attention-seeking behavior. The three members have all been grouped together or given opportunities to cooperate but they always end up betraying each other and thus never achieving ultimate victory.

Love-Hate Relationship with Song Ji-hyo Edit

Lee is know to be bickering buddies with Song Ji-hyo. While the two can be very affectionate with each other, they can also be at odds especially when Lee uses his framing skills on Song. On multiple occasions, Lee has also bitten Song to beat her only to receive a harsh beating in return.

Notable Scenes Edit

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