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A name-tag is an item that characters (Running Man Members, Guests, Staff, etc.) in the show wear. It is usually placed on the back of the characters through a Velcro-like contraption. It primarily symbolizes the character's life. In the Name-tag Elimination challenge, the character whose name-tag is removed or ripped off is ousted of the challenge, can no longer participate in the activity, and is usually sent to a secluded jail cell until the show is over.

Types of Name-tags Edit

Running man nametags (original) + spy

Throughout the years, there have been several permutations of the name-tag. The classic version is a medium-sized rectangular name-tag. Smaller name-tags have also been applied beneath the classic version to either hide a secret status such as someone who is a spy or someone who has secretly acquired multiple name-tags which is usually equivalent to multiple lives.

Other permutations include over-sized name-tags that can be easily removed and are usually used as a punishment, smaller name-tags that is difficult to remove and is usually given as a reward, name-tags with wings, name-tags with tails, etc.

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