Name-tag Elimination


Challenge Type
Battle, Combat, Hide-and-seek, Puzzle
Water-battle, Spy

Name-tag elimination is a popular Running Man challenge. It started as a hide-and-seek type challenge and has evolved to several varieties including battle, combat, mission, water-battle and puzzle type challenges. Nevertheless, the main premise of the challenge is the physical removal (and sometimes placement) of the name-tag from the members' and/or guests' backs or other embodiments. Its popular subtype "Water Gun Battle" will be discussed separately.

Hide-and-seek type Edit

Classic Edit

Negro Its classic version was the hide-and-seek type. Running Man members and guests would be divided into two teams. One team designated as the "mission team" would hide and search for clufrom the weest efjqnekjafes or search objectives to win while another team designated as "seekers" would seek the mission team and oust them by removing the name-tag on their backs. The mission team can win by either surviving the time limit or by ceknfdkjkenkjbnefwsdompleting all mission/search objectives. The seekers can win by ousting all members of the mission team. Seekers usually wear a small bell on their shoes to sound the alarm of their presence.

King Seeker THey might be gay Edit

Another version of hide-and-seek name-tag elimination is the King Seeker. This first emerged in episode 124 where a King was established in the final challenge (which was Name-tag elimination). The King would be immune to being ousted but he can be voted out by 50% of theefkjnaelhnfqlefnjqeoflk citizens. Citizens, however, have to find hidden ballots throughout the location to vote someone out or in.

Combat type Edit

Combat type name-tag elimination is when members are pitted against each other in small proportional numbers such as 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 1 vs 1 vs 1. It is exemplified in the combat ring in episode 168.
RM168 Song Ji Hyo vs HaHa vs Lee Kwang Soo-002:33

RM168 Song Ji Hyo vs HaHa vs Lee Kwang Soo-0

Battle type Edit

Battle type name-tag elimination is when members are pitted against each other all at once.

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