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Song Ji-hyo (송지효) is the only female Running Man member. She is considered to be one of the strongest Running Man members and is a force feared by the other members and the guests.

Membership Edit

Song joined the show on episode 2 as a guest through episode 5. She then joined as a permanent cast member on episode 6 and has been a valuable member of the team ever since.

Attributes & Titles Edit

Expertise Edit

Ace Ji-hyo Edit

Song is referred to as "Ace" due to her diligence in completing tasks. She is very proficient in search-type challenges. She would often bring victory to her team by being the sole person to have discovered search objectives of hide-and-seek challenges.

Goddess of Luck Edit

Song is also referred to as the "Goddess of Luck". Her uncanny luck has won her many solo wins. A perfect display of such luck was in episode 209 where she single-handedly won a challenge with her guessing skills.

Gold Ji-hyo Edit

Song is also referred to as "Gold Ji-hyo". She has the most solo wins in the show to date. Most, if not all, of these solo wins are related to a big gold prize. A special episode, episode 163, was made for her as the reward for her victory in episode 146. In episode 163, Song challenged the competitors in a rigorous game of luck where the reward was some of her accumulated gold.

Courage Edit

Song is also known for her courage and her thirst for adventure. She was the only Running Man member who accepted the bungee-jump challenge at the Macau tower, the highest bungee in the world, on episode 133.

Shortcomings Edit

Blank Ji/ Miss Blank Edit

Song is referred to as "Mong Ji-hyo" or "Mong Ji" which translates to "Blank Ji-hyo" or "Blank Ji". This is because of her perpetual and trademark "blank" and confused face when she is met with a difficult task. The other Running Man members would make fun of her using this nickname.

Song is known to be weak in knowledge-based challenges. Her "blank face" becomes quite apparent in quiz games. Nevertheless, she compensates for this weakness with her extraordinary luck.

Relationships Edit

Monday Couple Edit

Song has developed a well-supported love-line with co-member Kang Gary. They are referred to as the "Monday Couple" as their love-line only happens on Mondays. Song would tease that "On Mondays, Kang Gary is the most handsome man in the world". Although she would then joke that there would be nothing more of the relationship on the other days of the week, the Monday Couple dynamic is often evident throughout the television show. Other members of the television production, including regular casts and guests, also readily recognize the dynamic that exists between the Monday Couple.

The Candy Alliance (later the Mandu [Dumpling] Alliance) Edit

The Candy Alliance, later the Mandu (Dumpling) Alliance, is a cooperative formed by Song and Yoo Jae-suk after Song gave Yoo a piece of candy as the binding symbol of their agreement. This alliance led to the successful ousting of Kim Jong-kook on episode 42 during the year-end competition for the number one Running Man member. The alliance later crumbled when Song betrayed and ousted Yoo Jae-suk while he was celebrating the victory over Kim Jong-kook.

The alliance was later reformed on episode 73 as the "Mandu (Dumpling) Alliance", which helped lead Song to her solo victory in the Hong Kong episode and consequently her acquisition of the golden cintamani prize. The alliance was formed when Song purposefully led Yoo to a crucial clue by asking him to buy dumplings for her at a certain location. After realizing the aid from Song, Yoo then formed an alliance with her and used the dumpling as the binding symbol of their agreement.

Spart-Ace Edit

Spart-Ace is a cooperative formed by Song and Kim Jong-kook. It is a portmanteau of the two's most renowned nicknames "Sparta" as Kim and "Ace" as Song. They are considered to be the strongest cooperative and are feared by all.

Love-Hate Relationship with Kwang-soo Edit

Song is infamous for her alter-ego " Gangster Ji-hyo" that appears whenever she is pissed off by someone or something, usually Lee Kwang-soo. In earlier episodes when Lee Kwang-soo was still known for his "framing skills", he would make up stories about Song such as how she loved to go clubbing and was an alcoholic. This would lead to the emergence of "Delinquent Ji-hyo". After getting fed-up of being overpowered by Song, Lee Kwang-soo would resort to biting her.

Despite their constant bickering, it is shown in many occasions how the two are very caring for each other. This is exemplified in episode 189 where Lee Kwang-soo would go running to hug Song, in reuniting with her, shouting "Noona!" (translated as "Big Sis!") after their brief separation in the Australia special.

Song-Song Siblings Edit

The Song-Song Siblings was a cooperative/quasi-love-line formed by Song and former Running Man member Song Joong-ki. In earlier episodes, Song Joong-ki made flirtatious remarks and actively sought team partnership with Song. Song Joong-ki was also the first person to kiss Song in the cheek on the show on episode 15. However, Song has since tried to steer away from Song Joong-ki to avoid getting backlash from the young actor's devoted fan-base. While the two are still close, they have developed a more sibling-like relationship and their cooperative has been known as the "Song-Song Siblings". They have maintained a formidable partnership until Song Joong-ki's departure from the show.

Last Pick Big Nose Edit

Song is also known for her coerced cooperative with Ji Suk-jin (aka "Big Nose"). Both Song and Ji are usually picked last by guests when forming teams and thus they end up with each other in many occasions.

Secret Couple with HaHa Edit

Before the Spartace couple and Monday couple. There was HAHYO in RunningMan. The first ever couple. He was Gary's potential rival to JiHyo, making the love line more fun. When Jihyo appeared, from the first time Jaesuk already ask Haha 'Do you like her?' Then Haha can't speak. They looked like they're the ones who have feelings with each other in the first episodes. Of course We can't forget that they were awkward first.

Notable Rewards Edit

Golden Cintamani

Golden Turtle

4th King of Running Man Kingdom

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